Double Diamond's Durga Tharzis "Tharzis"
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He is full toothed with a scissor bite! He is a small dog approximately 77cm, but correct and fairly built. I am very pleased with him. I got the benefit to buy this wonderful dog 2001. He is a half brother to my “Aron” (same mum). I have had a special liking for Alusjta or “Vera” that she was called. She fitted me very good. Tharzis is also very equal father “Bunny”, in many ways, cool, charming and funny. His father Ivegill's Lord Easter Bunny has CAC on show. 

Tharzis was very uncertain on peoples when he came to me. But with in the years and with a huge help from me and big brother Aron, he has been developed and become an unbeatable and stabile dog. I have never met a dog like him. He is so cool! He’s never nervous or afraid!
He is very funny to work along with, agrees to try every thing I ask him for. But it will go in his tempo! He is also super with children they can do just as they want with him. Animals of all types are no problem.

No stressing for Tharzis I don’t think he know what stress is. He has acted as training tool to dogs how is mean and uncertain, that doesn’t concern him at all. He does not become a bit disturbed on that dogs who outcomes and encourages up himself. He is so safe in himself and with me.

He has also been a good uncle to my puppies he played and sleeped along with the little ones. He spend most of his time in the litter box with Saga and her puppies. I have often speculated over, how he has the energy and also I had to intervene when I thought that puppies been to hard towards him. When the puppies has run over him, trodden around ON him, hung in his ears and lips. He has never shown a sign indicating dissatisfaction.

Yes we are eternally grateful that this wonderful personality is with just us. Tharzis accustoms agility, obedience, Lure coursing (that he also has licence in order to compete in) and tracking, He has 3 CAC on dog show.
But above all… is he one very wise, loving and caring partner, both at home and to work with. I Love him sooooooooo much.

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